The Corona virus COVID19 and your wedding

‘Oh goodie: Another article about the Corona virus’. The world is in chaos at the moment with governments that – rightfully so – are imposing more and more measures. Because as long as there is no vaccine (and this will take a while), social isolation is the only way to inhibit the spread of the virus. The wedding sector is also suffering from the consequences of the virus. Many weddings are rescheduled, canceled, or the number of guests is decreased dramatically.

In this post I will provide some information and tips, and I’ll explain how I’m currently handling the situation. But before I do so, I’d like to emphasize the following:

– Be patient

– Stay informed

– Don’t panic


These are uncertain times, also for me and many entrepreneurs, and we don’t know how long we will be stuck with this terrible virus. However long it takes, do not forget that it is a temporary situation. That is why I’d really like to advise you to not cancel your wedding. There are many people and companies, including myself, whose livelihood depends on the bridal sector. Mass cancellations would be a big blow to many people. Stay in touch with your wedding venue, suppliers and wedding planner. Couples who get married early in the season and are a bit afraid: Postpone your wedding, but don’t cancel. I like to stay involved in this process and I will provide the option to postpone without additional cost.

In-person consults

Until at least April 6th, all in-person consults will be held via Skype or Facetime, in order to avoid personal contact. For weddings later in the season, a consult can also be moved to a later time when it’s considered to be more safe.

Couple’s sessions & other photo shoots

Unfortunately, photo shoots scheduled until April 6th will be cancelled. Please contact me to make a new appointment. After April 6th , the situation will be examined at that time, taking into account any new information and measures taken by the government.

The wedding will go on!

I would like to hear from you how you feel about having your wedding amidst this crisis. For the time being, I’m especially interested in talking to couples that are getting married early in the season (until June), because I don’t want to get too far ahead of things, also considering the fact that the information and measures taken by the governments are constantly changing. I would like to keep in touch with you to discuss matters, and to give you the following information and advice:

– First of all, I take care of my own safety. I take the necessary measures for myself to protect myself. I am mainly guided by what the experts say about this.
– Inform yourself about the rules and restrictions that your government is imposing. Stick to the rules, because there will be checks. In the Netherlands, some weddings have been stopped or interrupted because people were not following up on the restrictions. Click here for an example (in Dutch).
– Stay in touch with your wedding location, especially about the developments and possible consequences for your wedding.
– Make sure you and the location take the necessary measures. Provide plenty of soap and materials to especially disinfect your hands. Remember that antibacterial soap does not kill viruses. Alcohol-based hand gels do. Do not just put these it in the bathrooms, but also in the rooms where people are at that moment.
– Actively encourage people to wash their hands often. Alcohol gels are good but a lot less effective when the hands are dirty. Clean hands are a must. Some really good advice can be read in this article (not just about weddings!): What You Can Do Right Now About the Coronavirus
– Avoid shaking hands, kissing and physical contact. Personally, I find that very difficult, because at a wedding these are beautiful ways to express your love for each other. But we only have a responsibility to fight this virus. 14 ways to greet someone that don’t involve shaking hands
– Provide space. Inquire at your wedding location whether a reception and dinner in particular can possibly be spread over several rooms, so that people don’t need to be close to each other. If necessary, limit the number of guests at the ceremony.
– Send a message to your guests with an urgent request to stay at home – no matter how unfortunate – if they suspect they have certain symptoms.
– It can be fun for those who stay at home to provide a live feed of for example the ceremony, so that they can still hear the ‘I do’s’.

We are rescheduling our wedding to a date no later than April 30, 2021

I offer the possibility to move your wedding date free of charge to a date on which I am still available. Keep in mind that there are currently hundreds of weddings being moved and it may not be possible to get all the suppliers together on a Saturday, so look closely at weekdays. I like to be involved in this process. If you are forced to choose a date when myself or one of my regular second shooters is no longer available, my regular booking conditions apply.

We are moving our wedding to a date on or after May 1, 2021

I offer the option reschedule the wedding, assuming I am still available. To move the wedding date to a date after May 1, 2021 I ask for an extra downpayment of €250, -. This extra payment will of course be deducted from the final invoice.

We’re canceling our wedding

I’m sorry to hear that you’re considering canceling your wedding! That must be a tough decision to make. In this case, my regular booking conditions as laid down in our agreement apply to this. If you have wedding insurance, please check with your insurance company as it may be possible to have the already incurred costs refunded.

Last but not least

Concluding, I would like to urge you to keep up to date with the news and developments. Don’t let Social Media messages drive you crazy, but follow the news and trust the knowledge of the experts. Follow the rules and restrictions as imposed by your governments, even if it is sometimes difficult and tedious. Again, we are all in the same boat, and as long as there is no effective vaccine, we must work together to keep this virus under control.

Through the following link from the World Health Organization (WHO) you can keep up-to-date with reliable information:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

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