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The Corona virus COVID19 and your wedding 'Oh goodie: Another article about the Corona virus'. The world is in chaos at the moment with governments that - rightfully so - are imposing more and more measures. Because as long as there is no vaccine (and this will take a while), so
Wedding Photography Awards - 16th place worldwide in 2017 at ISPWP A 16th place in a competition? That's hardly something to write home about. However, this 16th place makes me more than happy. Why? Because it's a 16th place worldwide over an entire year, at the renowned ISPWP -
Destination Wedding Zuid-Frankrijk: A dream come true! Finally, the moment had come: My first Destination Wedding as a photographer. I've had the honour of traveling to Southern France, to the lovely Ardèche region, to capture the amazing wedding of Sal and Graeme. And ever sinc
Time flies, and before you know it, a new year has started. 2016 went by so quickly! And even though technically, a new year means nothing more than a different number on the calendar, it seems to be wired to think that a new year is in some way a new start. Personally, I see it
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