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Love. There’s few things in life that are as difficult do grasp, understand or even describe as love. So perhaps it’s better to just feel it and show it. An intimate hug, a soft caress or a passionate kiss will tell you more than you can ever describe in words. You can enjoy each others’ company, have fun, tease. These are all things that you might do on a daily basis but never take the time to fully appreciate or register them. That’s what a couples shoot is for. To capture these moments and interactions that you otherwise might take for granted, for you to enjoy forever.

During the couples shoot you can be your own loving selves. You can be in love and enjoy each other. My focus is on your interactions with each other instead of your interactions with the camera. 

how do I work?

First things first. Before the shoot we discuss some options for locations. I love shooting outside, wether that’s in nature or in the city. Both are charming in their own ways. We’ll find locations that you love or maybe even places that you’re in someway connected to. Maybe the place where you first met or kissed? Maybe your favorite bench in the park that has your names scratched into it?

Now it’s time for the fun to start. We’ll go around a bit for an hour or so. I’ll encourage you to just be yourselves and act naturally. I will give you basic instructions on posing and what to do, but we’re not shooting magazine covers here. So I’d much rather see you have a great time and let love do the rest.


After the photo session I’ll send you a selection of unedited photos. From this selection you can choose your 15 favorite images, that I will edit for you. 

All images will be delivered both in color and black and white versions on a beautiful online gallery in which you can view and download the photos during 6 months. Also in this photo gallery you can order prints and other photo products so you can enjoy your photos in a physical form as well. 

Can’t choose 12 photos? Off course you can purchase more edited photos. All additional photos will be delivered in color and black&white versions as well.



  • A photoshoot on a location that you love.
  • 15 high quality and high resolution photos, without watermarks.
  • All images are delivered both in color and black&white versions.
  • Beautiful online photo gallery for viewing, downloading and printing.
  • Travel expenses in Limburg are included. Travel expenses to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, the Hague and surrounding areas are €50,-
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photo series.

A couples shoot is a lot of fun to do. But don’t take my word for it. Check out my recent sessions below. Imagine it’s you smiling and having a great time on these photos. Nobody will ever take that away from you.

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